Hotel Management is one of the best professional courses amongst all. It is quite interesting course. If you possess qualities like good communication skills, know how to carry yourself in a better way, confidently talk to the people and presentable, you can make career in this ever growing industry. This course focuses on person’s grooming and helps a person in developing a good personality. It also makes a person familiar and well aware of the industry’s trends. This course comprises of rooms division and food division. After completion of this course, person can opt for any department of the hotel as per his/her own interest. Hotel Management degree is not only helps you to get the job in Hotels but also in airlines, restaurants, MNCs, Hospitals etc. After completing Hotel Management degree, you can work anywhere as said earlier, if you have pleasant personality, every company in the market wants to hire you. No doubt that Hotel Management course itself is the best course for developing the skills and personality of a person.

Hospitality is something which a person learns from his/her home. Hotel is ‘’Home away from home’’ there a guest can feel the warmth of Hospitality. Hotel Management course is a complete study about Being Hospitable towards the guests. It also gives exposure to work in hotels outside India. This industry encourages woman to make career in this Hospitality world. In this industry, women are working in Top Most positions in Front office, Housekeeping, Bars, Restaurants, Cruises liners and airlines. This industry is all about being hospitable towards the guests /Customers and giving them a wow factor.


  1. Hotels
  2. Travel Agencies
  3. Management trainee in fast food chains
  4. Retail Industry
  5. Multinational Companies (MNCs)
  6. Airlines
  7. Faculty in Hotel Management colleges
  8. Catering
  9. Reputed Restaurants
  10. Central Reservations ( Corporate office of Hotels )
  11. Sales & Marketing
  12. Human resource department in hotels

Let’s talk about the best private institute in Delhi. IHA (Indian Hotel Academy) is one of the best Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi. People who want to make a career in kitchen, Food and Beverage service, front office, housekeeping or who want to start their own business can go for this course. IHA would groom/mold the students in the best way so that the students would make their career anywhere in the hotel industry. The best part of IHA institute is mentoring of students in terms of studies, problems solving, counseling and motivation with caring approach. The institute gives 100% assistance in jobs. It truly believes in molding students as per the demand of professional world.

The courses offered by IHA are :

  • B. Sc. In Hotel Management
  • M.Sc. in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in food production

IHA, the Institute of Hotel Management provides Theory and practical classes, taking exams to review the student’s performance. However the best part of IHA (INDIAN HOTEL ACADEMY) is Hoteliers come to institute and guide the students for the Hotel industry and encourage them to develop their skills. Faculties of IHA take complete responsibility of academic growth of the students. They also meet parents whenever required for the betterment of students. IHA believes in “Teacher should not only be teacher but one should be a mentor” for students. They not only develop good professionals but also develop good human beings.

Rewa Kaushal

(Front office Faculty- IHA)

Indian Hotel Academy