We (as entrants to hospitality) are always eager to understand the best career prospects available. Although, It is completely up to the choice of an individual depending upon the self determination of skills by an aspirant.

Whenever I talk about career, very first factor that evolves in mind is JOB FOR LIFE.  Though, there are many other “Why” to enter an industry.

So, Here I am going to highlight some factors which should be emphasizing our decision to join an industry as a career, Such as:

Growth: Growth for a professional is directly reciprocal to the growth of his/her company at ground reality & then the industry. Just to share the growth plan of a few key market players:

  1. YUM Restaurant India Pvt. Ltd. :

YUM India is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant company in India. This company owns the following brands:





The company is currently having nearly 1000 restaurants across India and aiming to achieve 2000 restaurants by 2020.

  • McDonald’s India: The Company is currently having 300 McDonald’s restaurants across India and has got plans to double the stores by 2020.
  • Jubilant Food Works:        

This company has got two brands such as

Domino’s Pizza (806 Stores till date)

Dunkin’ Donuts (38 Stores till date)

The company is doing aggressive expansions and already set at a non competitive stage.

  • TATA Starbucks Ltd:

This company is having the brand STARBUCKS having coffee outlets across India. As per there aggressive growth plan they have opened 59 outlets across India just within two and a half year.

  • Amalgmated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited:

The Company is having nearly around 1500 stores across India till date and counting…….

  • PAPA John’s:

This is another company with nearly 40 outlets and adding on…

  • Devyani International Limited:

This company is ruling F&B business in India with KFC, Pizza Hut, PHD, Vangoo, Swesens,

Foodies Bar and The Food Street as their main brands.

Apart from this there are many several emerging brand in F&B Retail sector like FASSOO’S with 78 outlets across western & Southern region of India, Republic of Chicken, Fast Trax, US Pizza, Adiga’s, Tibbs Frankie to name a few.

When we can see such growth potential in the companies, then human resources becomes the most important factor for them.

 CAREER:  The most important factor for an aspirant is career. So, if you are a Hotel Management Graduate then your career in this sector would be like:

  • You join any of these companies as Management Trainee, which is a course of one to one and a half year.
  • Now, You become Asst. Restaurant Manager and work for maximum of one and a half to two years at this designation.
  • Next level is Restaurant Manager/Unit Manager/Restaurant General Manager & work for maximum of two to three years at this designation.
  • Next level is Area Manager/District Manager.
  • Next level is Operations Manager & Then Market heads.

The best thing to join this industry is that you can reach designation of an area manager within maximum of six to seven years of time. Prospects would be even better as per the expansion plans of companies for next five years.


  • F&B retail is the best sector to develop management skills in you within shortest span of time.
  • This is quick service restaurant industry so you need to be quick as well in everything, which includes your team handling skills, efficiency management of team as well as of products and other assets within organization.
  • A Market head is usually accountable for 25 to 30 restaurants.
  • An operations manager looks after the operations of 25 to 30 restaurants.
  • Area Manager handles 4 to 5 restaurants.
  • A Restaurant Manager is accountable for one restaurant and usually handles a team of 1 to 2 Asst. Restaurant Managers, 3 to 4 Shift Managers and a team of 30 to 40 team members in accordance with the sales volume.


  • One should be a hotel management graduate to join as a management trainee.
  • Students from reputed Hotel Management Institutes.
  • One should have excellent communication skills.
  • One should have basic knowledge of food & beverages.
  • One should be able to describe excellent leadership skills during his interview.
  • One should be able to describe excellent team player during his interview.
  • One should possess excellent problem handling skills.
  • One should be able to make quick & highly effective decisions.
  • One should be full of positive energy & spirit to grow.
  • One should be excellent in calculation.
  • One should be self motivated & smart worker.
  • One should possess a down to earth attitude.

Usually a management trainee starts with take home salary of 15 to 18k & a restaurant manager take home 45k. I recommend the students to go for hotel management course from a reputed hotel management institute

Indian Hotel Academy is a Hotel Management Institute in Delhi offers the Following Hotel Management Courses :

  • B. Sc. – Hotel Management
  • M.Sc. – Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in food production
  • Diploma in F & B Service
  • MBA

Ankush Vashistha


KFC, Baroda, Gujarat