Category: Hotel Management Courses

Some of the courses in hotel management industry are given below-

  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Certified Professional in Hospitality, Travel & Aviation
  • Certified Professional in Hospitality
  • Certified Professional in Culinary Arts
  • Food Production Course – Trainee Chef
  • Certificate in Hospitality
  • B.Voc Degree in Hotel Management
  • Specialization Programs

How to start career in Hospitality Sector?

There are many students who want to go for the hospitality sector and want to build their career in this sector. The hospitality sector is growing and becoming popular among the students from the past few years. Looking for a career in the hospitality sector is a great option. But one should also be aware of things which are required to start a career in the Hospitality Sector. So, to give you a brief detail about starting the career in Hospitality Sector, we are here sharing some details with you.

Which job do you want to go for?

There are many job roles in the Hospitality Sector. So, to start your career with the Hospitality Industry, you should first decide the job which you want to go for. It can be a job role of Food & Beverage Executive or Supervisor, Restaurant Manager, Hotel General Manager, Executive Chef, Chief Steward, Guests Relation Manager, Front Office Manager, Reservation Supervisor, Laundry Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Public Relations Executive, Banqueting Sales Manager, and many such other job options. You may see more than 50 to 60 career options in this sector. So, first decide a job role which you want to go for. As it is the first step towards your start of a career in the Hospitality sector.

What qualifications are required?

Now the next step is to get the right qualification according to the job role you have chosen. Most of the top institutes which offer admission in Hospitality Sector courses, take the written test for selecting the students for courses. But there are many diploma and certification courses also for which you can take direct admission. In some places, the internship is offered which includes on-job training. Mostly the candidates who do not have any degree in hospitality sector apply for such jobs. The candidates learn while doing the job only or they can also apply for the online or distance learning courses along with it. As it helps them in getting theoretical knowledge.

What are the skills which are required in the Hospitality Sector?

Alone the qualification is not enough especially if you are applying for a mid-level or higher-level job. Some soft skills are also required in the hospitality sector as it is a customer-oriented industry. The most important skills required for a job in this sector is the communication skill, flexibility, commitment and dedication towards work, teamwork, and coordination, and enthusiasm. Without these skills, it is not easy or possible to survive in the hospitality sector. So, you must focus on learning these skills as well to start your career in the Hospitality Industry. You can do some short term 2 to 3 months courses as well, where they train you and teach you about the different soft skills required in Hospitality Jobs.

Once you have done all this, your salary package then depends on the hospitality industry you are going for. They may hire you as an intern also or on a probation period. Or they may hire you permanently as well. But it all depends on the three things we have mentioned above and the hotel and resort you are applying job for.