Category: Career in Hotel Management

Hotel management sector has various sub-fields like Restaurant management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering, Club management and various others. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years, so the future scope in this sector is exceptionally bright.

The main key to this career is professionalism, self-confidence and the ability to influence others. Many institutes just provide just the theoretical knowledge to the students of hotel management, But some rare institutions like Dewan Institute of hotel management focus on the overall personality development and teach them all the non theoretical but very necessary skills to help them stand out of the league.

The career in Hotel Management does look exciting and interesting. And there is no doubt that it is one of the lucrative career options in today’s world. But along with that one should also know that this career Hotel Management Career option requires high skills as well. If you are studying a top hotel management institute then you will get the training. But not every institute provides the proper training for developing the skills.

But you can do short-term courses as well which can help in polishing and developing Hotel Management Skills. Many institutes offer such short-term courses like for 3 months or 6 months of time, they are certification courses. Now, before joining any institute, let’s know what skills you require at present in Hotel Management. So, below we have mentioned the top hotel management skills which are in demand in the year 2019.

Interpersonal Skills – One of the skills that are in high demand. And it is because the hotel industry is a customer oriented or customer-centric industry. We have to deal with the customers every time, so for obvious reasons, one must have interpersonal skills. This adds value in customer’s experience, and you will also feel confident in yourself while handling customers.

Hygiene and Safety Knowledge – During the course duration, we are taught almost everything related to the hotel and hospitality industry. As this industry provides you with different functional areas, so it is obvious that you can get to work in different departments. So, everyone related to hotel management industry should have basic hygiene and safety knowledge. Because it can become an unpleasant experience for your customers because of one hygiene or safety issue.

Commitment and Dedication – Using these two skills together is very important as the two are incomplete without each other in this industry. We know that these two are required in almost every industry. But the hotel industry requires a lot of effort and dedication to the work they have been assigned. And that dedication can only be seen, if you are committed towards your work and responsibilities. As you may need to stretch your working hours, you may have to handle work of some other person in their absence. All this requires a lot of focus and dedication along with the commitment towards your job or designation.

Attention to Detail – When you become a part of the hotel industry, there are many designations wherein you will have to give your attention to every possible thing around you. Like if you become a hotel manager, you will have to look at the cleanliness of the rooms, sanitation is proper or not, how good the food is, is it washed properly or not, are chefs following the food standard guidelines or not, all the necessary things are in stock or not, water is safe and pure or not, and many such details. So, make sure you have that sharp mind, or you are smart enough to give attention to every small and big detail.

Communication – This is very obvious and that is why I have not placed it on top and have mentioned this skill now. There is no scope for people who cannot communicate properly in the hotel industry. Because everything there starts with communication only. From making bookings to taking orders, escorting guests to guiding guests, all this needs communication. And why just guests, one also need to communicate with staff and seniors. Because in the hotel industry, every department is connected to the other.

Be a good listener – However it is covered in the communication part only. But sometimes it is just one-way communication. Like maybe your guest is sharing feedback with you. Or maybe they are just asking you for some arrangements, so at that point in time, being a good and attentive listener is very important. Because, in case if you will miss an important point, it can become a problem for you. It will also impact the reputation of the hotel.

Be flexible – When we talk about flexibility, so it can be in two ways. First one is the flexibility that is required in the working hours or working shift. The second one is the flexibility in the change of job role relevant to your job role. As these two are common in the hotel industry. This skill is must as without this survival in this industry is not possible.

Multitasking – Hotel Management Jobs are not the 9 to 5 desk job where you have to do a similar job every day. Hotel Management Career requires multitasking, as you may have to handle different tasks at one time. That is why during the hotel management training, different skills are taught to the students. So be prepared for handling multiple jobs if you have chosen hotel management as a career.

Having these skills is not just going to help you get a job in Hotel Industry, but it can also help you in achieving more success in this industry. With time the demand for these skills is increasing in the market in Hotel Management because of the tough competition. Because the reputation of top hotel industries depends on the skills and training of their employees only. The better they are in handling work efficiently, the more appreciation and compliments they earn from both customers and employees. So, develop these top-notch skills, if your dream is to be a part of the Hotel Industry.