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Hotel Management is considered as a major part of Hospitality industry. Taking up related courses and study programs in this domain helps the students to get grab lucrative employment opportunities. One of the primary aspects which make this course highly valuable and suitable to all is that its scope is global. A Hotel Management degree from a reputed college is accepted as an eligibility to qualify for interviews with reputed hotels chains based across different countries.

Since the count of hotels is increasing at a faster pace, where either a new set up comes into existence or the existing hotel chain owners expand their braches to take over major market share. This in turn generates the requirement for hiring more and more trained hotel management professionals. Regarded as a glamorous career, hotel management professionals are required to have a great understating and skill pertaining ways to handle even the most challenging situations, since it is mostly a customer facing role.

Hotel management graduates also have the option to explore career opportunities which are not restricted to Hotel & Restaurants, but extended to Hotel and Tourism Associations, Clubs, Cruise Ship Hotel, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Hospital Administration and Catering, Guesthouses, etc.  With so many options in places, multiple job profiles are churned out and posted on a regular basis for which candidates are hired basis their work experience, academics, exposure, and personality traits, depending on the position offered.

For beginners, it is important to have a valuable degree from any reputed college or hotel management institute which has a firm stand in the market. However, for senior and middle-level management positions, candidates are expected to hold a Travel Management Degree. There are many companies which prefer hiring fresh talent, but even for a campus placement, the selection criteria are quite rigid.

To get admission in an undergraduate course in hotel management, minimum selection is 10+2 with 50% marks; those who fail to meet the eligibility parameters can opt for diploma or certificate course in hotel management. Further, while students are in continuation with their studies, there are many hotels that provide training cum job placement, basis their academic performances and skill set. Also, there are many Indian hotel management institutes that conduct entrance exams to select the best candidature from the lot for enrollment in various courses.

Also, to emerge as a successful and potential hiring prospect for reputed hotels, it is important for students to work on their numerical aptitude, communication skills, reasoning, and develop a pleasing personality. Climbing up the ladder, students who are willing to pursue higher studies in hotel management can opt for Masters in Hotel Management for which B. Sc. In Hotel Management is a pre-requisite.

The Indian tourism & hospitality industry has materialized as one of the key drivers of growth among the service sectors in India. It contributes 8.78% of the total employment generation in the country. Hotels include business hotels, resort hotels, airport hotels, apartment hotels, casino hotels, convections, boutique hotels and conference hotels. Tourism is a big sector its diverse form includes medical, adventure, heritage, ecotourism, wild life and pilgrimage tourism.

Hotels are a part of hospitality industry. Hotel Management course is a primary requirement to enter in the hotel industry. We have wide job opportunities here and this industry is truly becoming global. As international hotel chains are opening new hotels in various big & small cities, the demand of good number of employs is huge.

There are no shortcuts for successful careers in hospitality industry; particularly hotel industry is open only for talented management professionals who can show their capabilities & caliber. The aspirants with flare and passion to serve in the challenging environment are highly successful to make a career. The right attitude and aptitude is required to reach on top in this industry.

This industry is a labour intensive and India has a large concentration of English speaking individuals. Beside the regular jobs other opportunities await those who are able on taking up a job in the sector like cruise ships, club management, airlines, hotel and tourism, Fast food joint, government owned catering department like air force mess, railways and many more.

Various hotel management Institutes in Delhi and in all over India are offering the Hotel Management courses and offering Hotel Management Degree and Diploma courses that help the hotel management students just after 10+2 to make a good career in this ever growing industry. The growing economy and scope to growth in the hospitality sector is motivation the chain hotel to come up with new properties in country. This has lead to verify of jobs to the Indians and bringing more travelers, business clients & holiday travelers.

Rashmi Jha Mishra


Indian Hotel Academy

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We (as entrants to hospitality) are always eager to understand the best career prospects available. Although, It is completely up to the choice of an individual depending upon the self determination of skills by an aspirant.

Whenever I talk about career, very first factor that evolves in mind is JOB FOR LIFE.  Though, there are many other “Why” to enter an industry.

So, Here I am going to highlight some factors which should be emphasizing our decision to join an industry as a career, Such as:

Growth: Growth for a professional is directly reciprocal to the growth of his/her company at ground reality & then the industry. Just to share the growth plan of a few key market players:

  1. YUM Restaurant India Pvt. Ltd. :

YUM India is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant company in India. This company owns the following brands:





The company is currently having nearly 1000 restaurants across India and aiming to achieve 2000 restaurants by 2020.

  • McDonald’s India: The Company is currently having 300 McDonald’s restaurants across India and has got plans to double the stores by 2020.
  • Jubilant Food Works:        

This company has got two brands such as

Domino’s Pizza (806 Stores till date)

Dunkin’ Donuts (38 Stores till date)

The company is doing aggressive expansions and already set at a non competitive stage.

  • TATA Starbucks Ltd:

This company is having the brand STARBUCKS having coffee outlets across India. As per there aggressive growth plan they have opened 59 outlets across India just within two and a half year.

  • Amalgmated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited:

The Company is having nearly around 1500 stores across India till date and counting…….

  • PAPA John’s:

This is another company with nearly 40 outlets and adding on…

  • Devyani International Limited:

This company is ruling F&B business in India with KFC, Pizza Hut, PHD, Vangoo, Swesens,

Foodies Bar and The Food Street as their main brands.

Apart from this there are many several emerging brand in F&B Retail sector like FASSOO’S with 78 outlets across western & Southern region of India, Republic of Chicken, Fast Trax, US Pizza, Adiga’s, Tibbs Frankie to name a few.

When we can see such growth potential in the companies, then human resources becomes the most important factor for them.

 CAREER:  The most important factor for an aspirant is career. So, if you are a Hotel Management Graduate then your career in this sector would be like:

  • You join any of these companies as Management Trainee, which is a course of one to one and a half year.
  • Now, You become Asst. Restaurant Manager and work for maximum of one and a half to two years at this designation.
  • Next level is Restaurant Manager/Unit Manager/Restaurant General Manager & work for maximum of two to three years at this designation.
  • Next level is Area Manager/District Manager.
  • Next level is Operations Manager & Then Market heads.

The best thing to join this industry is that you can reach designation of an area manager within maximum of six to seven years of time. Prospects would be even better as per the expansion plans of companies for next five years.


  • F&B retail is the best sector to develop management skills in you within shortest span of time.
  • This is quick service restaurant industry so you need to be quick as well in everything, which includes your team handling skills, efficiency management of team as well as of products and other assets within organization.
  • A Market head is usually accountable for 25 to 30 restaurants.
  • An operations manager looks after the operations of 25 to 30 restaurants.
  • Area Manager handles 4 to 5 restaurants.
  • A Restaurant Manager is accountable for one restaurant and usually handles a team of 1 to 2 Asst. Restaurant Managers, 3 to 4 Shift Managers and a team of 30 to 40 team members in accordance with the sales volume.


  • One should be a hotel management graduate to join as a management trainee.
  • Students from reputed Hotel Management Institutes.
  • One should have excellent communication skills.
  • One should have basic knowledge of food & beverages.
  • One should be able to describe excellent leadership skills during his interview.
  • One should be able to describe excellent team player during his interview.
  • One should possess excellent problem handling skills.
  • One should be able to make quick & highly effective decisions.
  • One should be full of positive energy & spirit to grow.
  • One should be excellent in calculation.
  • One should be self motivated & smart worker.
  • One should possess a down to earth attitude.

Usually a management trainee starts with take home salary of 15 to 18k & a restaurant manager take home 45k. I recommend the students to go for hotel management course from a reputed hotel management institute

Indian Hotel Academy is a Hotel Management Institute in Delhi offers the Following Hotel Management Courses :

  • B. Sc. – Hotel Management
  • M.Sc. – Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in food production
  • Diploma in F & B Service
  • MBA

Ankush Vashistha


KFC, Baroda, Gujarat

Hotel Management is one of the best professional courses amongst all. It is quite interesting course. If you possess qualities like good communication skills, know how to carry yourself in a better way, confidently talk to the people and presentable, you can make career in this ever growing industry. This course focuses on person’s grooming and helps a person in developing a good personality. It also makes a person familiar and well aware of the industry’s trends. This course comprises of rooms division and food division. After completion of this course, person can opt for any department of the hotel as per his/her own interest. Hotel Management degree is not only helps you to get the job in Hotels but also in airlines, restaurants, MNCs, Hospitals etc. After completing Hotel Management degree, you can work anywhere as said earlier, if you have pleasant personality, every company in the market wants to hire you. No doubt that Hotel Management course itself is the best course for developing the skills and personality of a person.

Hospitality is something which a person learns from his/her home. Hotel is ‘’Home away from home’’ there a guest can feel the warmth of Hospitality. Hotel Management course is a complete study about Being Hospitable towards the guests. It also gives exposure to work in hotels outside India. This industry encourages woman to make career in this Hospitality world. In this industry, women are working in Top Most positions in Front office, Housekeeping, Bars, Restaurants, Cruises liners and airlines. This industry is all about being hospitable towards the guests /Customers and giving them a wow factor.


  1. Hotels
  2. Travel Agencies
  3. Management trainee in fast food chains
  4. Retail Industry
  5. Multinational Companies (MNCs)
  6. Airlines
  7. Faculty in Hotel Management colleges
  8. Catering
  9. Reputed Restaurants
  10. Central Reservations ( Corporate office of Hotels )
  11. Sales & Marketing
  12. Human resource department in hotels

Let’s talk about the best private institute in Delhi. IHA (Indian Hotel Academy) is one of the best Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi. People who want to make a career in kitchen, Food and Beverage service, front office, housekeeping or who want to start their own business can go for this course. IHA would groom/mold the students in the best way so that the students would make their career anywhere in the hotel industry. The best part of IHA institute is mentoring of students in terms of studies, problems solving, counseling and motivation with caring approach. The institute gives 100% assistance in jobs. It truly believes in molding students as per the demand of professional world.

The courses offered by IHA are :

  • B. Sc. In Hotel Management
  • M.Sc. in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in food production

IHA, the Institute of Hotel Management provides Theory and practical classes, taking exams to review the student’s performance. However the best part of IHA (INDIAN HOTEL ACADEMY) is Hoteliers come to institute and guide the students for the Hotel industry and encourage them to develop their skills. Faculties of IHA take complete responsibility of academic growth of the students. They also meet parents whenever required for the betterment of students. IHA believes in “Teacher should not only be teacher but one should be a mentor” for students. They not only develop good professionals but also develop good human beings.

Rewa Kaushal

(Front office Faculty- IHA)

Indian Hotel Academy

It was a time once when people were not much aware of the Hospitality Industry. But at present, there are a lot of students who are looking forward to making their career in the Hospitality Industry. The growth percentage of the hospitality industry is increasing continuously. And so, does the number of jobs is also increasing. There is an increase in the demand for manpower in the hospitality industry for different opportunities.

Many people still believe that jobs in the hospitality sector are limited to the hotel manager, waiter, housekeeping, and receptionist. But the reality is that the hospitality sector has ample of opportunities where one can make their career.

Education for the Hospitality Sector

By looking at the demand of the hospitality sector for different jobs, the number of hotel management colleges have also increased. Apart from the colleges and the institutes, you can also see the variety of courses available for this field. Because every job requires a different skill, so the courses are modified accordingly. However, the basic need for making your career in this industry is good communication skills and your personality. Apart from the Hospitality Sector education you also need to focus on learning the skills related to the field. There are many short-term courses and diploma courses related to this field. If you want, you can go to the

Different Job Roles in Hospitality Sector

In the hospitality sector, there are numerous job openings every year. At present, it is one of the vast private sectors with so many job roles. It has many sub-sectors under it. From the job role of a Hotel General Manager to the job role of a front desk executive, there are many job roles in different departments. Like Event Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Lodging Manager, Executive Chef, Event Planner, Tour Guide, Cook, Logistics Manager, Spa Manager, Sales Manager, Hotel Receptionist, Reservation Agent, Front Office Attendant, Guest Relations Manager, Catering Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Executive Housekeeping, Operations Manager, and many such multiple roles. There will never be a decrease in the number of job roles in the Hospitality sector. Tourism and the hospitality sector are going hand in hand. And these job roles which we mentioned above are only related to the hotel industry. If you have done courses related to Hotel Industry or the Hospitality sector, you can go for more such other sectors which require the same skills and education. Below we have shared about different other sectors which have the opportunity related to the Hospitality sector.

Jobs in different Industries related to Hospitality Sector

As we have mentioned multiple job roles above, similarly, there are many other industries also which have great opportunities related to the Hospitality sector only. Like the Catering Department in various places like airlines or in government sector catering services in railways or other such places. Cruise Ship Management, Recreation, and Health Centre Management, Restaurant or Fast Food Joint Management, Travel and tourism industry, Education sector related to Hotel Management Course, Event Management Industry, and many such other industries.

You can also start your own business, after gaining good experience in this field. You can start your own Food Truck business or your café shop, or the travel related business. You can also rent your own property as a guest house for starting the business or can put your car or bike on rent for tourists. Becoming a freelance tourist guide is also a great option, which can help you in earning a good amount for yourself.

So, if you are also planning for a future in the hospitality sector, you can first look for the different options in which you want to make your career. And then you can choose a course accordingly.

Hotel Industry is growing at a tremendous speed and is contributing a lot towards the economy of the country. Along with the hotel industry, the career options related to this industry are also increasing. Most of the students opt for the Hotel Management Courses after they finish, the school education. Unlike before, now the career options are not limited. And it is because the hotel industry is blooming day by day. Many candidates also go for hotel industry because of being one of the glamorous industries among other industries. Undoubtedly, this industry is not just providing some lucrative career options but is also helping in grooming the overall personality of the candidates. Below, we have listed some of the best hotel management career options which the candidates can go for in 2019.

Hotel General Manager – It is one of the profitable and very reputed career options in the hotel industry. As a general manager in the hotel, one needs to look after the smooth functioning of the hotel or the resort. From handling the finances to handling the staff, procurement of goods and designing hotel policies, hotel general manager needs to take care of all. Being at this position, it is also required to keep the guest happy by interacting with them and listening to their queries or any requests. To be designated at this position, one who has already completed the diploma in hotel management and have experience also can apply. Otherwise, one can opt for a degree course or certification course for this designation.

Executive Chef – If you are someone, who has a keen interest in food and cooking, then you can also go for this career option. This hotel management career option comes with a lot of responsibilities. As an executive chef, one needs to look after the food or cuisine preparations, plan the menu, supervise the kitchen staff, cooks, and chefs and handle all the food operations across the resort or hotel. One can start with the entry-level career options like line cooks. And then can go for the managerial positions after developing the skills.

Bellhop – Another interesting hotel management career option which requires great interaction skills. As the responsibility of a bellhop is to escort the guests coming to the resort or the hotel to their respective suites or rooms. Helping them with the information regarding the services available in the hotel. Guiding them about the entertainment options and nearby attractions or sightseeing destinations. They are also required to inspect the guest’s room to know if all the services are satisfactory or not. Proper training is provided to one before designating the bellhop position.

Convention Planner – For organizing the meetings, events or entertainment facilities for guest, the convention planner is designated. In this role, one needs to coordinate with different departments to make the facilities available for guests like entertainment, technology, transportation, food and beverages, logistic requirement, etc. Along with the diploma course, one also need to get training for getting hired at this designation.

There are some other hotel management roles also which one can go for like gaming dealer, concierge, lodging managers, event planners, and many others.

Some of the courses in hotel management industry are given below-

  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Certified Professional in Hospitality, Travel & Aviation
  • Certified Professional in Hospitality
  • Certified Professional in Culinary Arts
  • Food Production Course – Trainee Chef
  • Certificate in Hospitality
  • B.Voc Degree in Hotel Management
  • Specialization Programs

Here are some of the top colleges for hotel management courses-

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition (IHM), Pusa
  • Indian Hotel Academy, Delhi
  • JIMS (Hotel Management)
  • IHA-A, Aurangabad (Managed By Taj Group of Hotels)
  • Welcome Group Institute of Hotel Management, Manipal

There are many other colleges who are doing great towards the education in this industry…

Hotel management sector has various sub-fields like Restaurant management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering, Club management and various others. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years, so the future scope in this sector is exceptionally bright.

The main key to this career is professionalism, self-confidence and the ability to influence others. Many institutes just provide just the theoretical knowledge to the students of hotel management, But some rare institutions like Dewan Institute of hotel management focus on the overall personality development and teach them all the non theoretical but very necessary skills to help them stand out of the league.

The career in Hotel Management does look exciting and interesting. And there is no doubt that it is one of the lucrative career options in today’s world. But along with that one should also know that this career Hotel Management Career option requires high skills as well. If you are studying a top hotel management institute then you will get the training. But not every institute provides the proper training for developing the skills.

But you can do short-term courses as well which can help in polishing and developing Hotel Management Skills. Many institutes offer such short-term courses like for 3 months or 6 months of time, they are certification courses. Now, before joining any institute, let’s know what skills you require at present in Hotel Management. So, below we have mentioned the top hotel management skills which are in demand in the year 2019.

Interpersonal Skills – One of the skills that are in high demand. And it is because the hotel industry is a customer oriented or customer-centric industry. We have to deal with the customers every time, so for obvious reasons, one must have interpersonal skills. This adds value in customer’s experience, and you will also feel confident in yourself while handling customers.

Hygiene and Safety Knowledge – During the course duration, we are taught almost everything related to the hotel and hospitality industry. As this industry provides you with different functional areas, so it is obvious that you can get to work in different departments. So, everyone related to hotel management industry should have basic hygiene and safety knowledge. Because it can become an unpleasant experience for your customers because of one hygiene or safety issue.

Commitment and Dedication – Using these two skills together is very important as the two are incomplete without each other in this industry. We know that these two are required in almost every industry. But the hotel industry requires a lot of effort and dedication to the work they have been assigned. And that dedication can only be seen, if you are committed towards your work and responsibilities. As you may need to stretch your working hours, you may have to handle work of some other person in their absence. All this requires a lot of focus and dedication along with the commitment towards your job or designation.

Attention to Detail – When you become a part of the hotel industry, there are many designations wherein you will have to give your attention to every possible thing around you. Like if you become a hotel manager, you will have to look at the cleanliness of the rooms, sanitation is proper or not, how good the food is, is it washed properly or not, are chefs following the food standard guidelines or not, all the necessary things are in stock or not, water is safe and pure or not, and many such details. So, make sure you have that sharp mind, or you are smart enough to give attention to every small and big detail.

Communication – This is very obvious and that is why I have not placed it on top and have mentioned this skill now. There is no scope for people who cannot communicate properly in the hotel industry. Because everything there starts with communication only. From making bookings to taking orders, escorting guests to guiding guests, all this needs communication. And why just guests, one also need to communicate with staff and seniors. Because in the hotel industry, every department is connected to the other.

Be a good listener – However it is covered in the communication part only. But sometimes it is just one-way communication. Like maybe your guest is sharing feedback with you. Or maybe they are just asking you for some arrangements, so at that point in time, being a good and attentive listener is very important. Because, in case if you will miss an important point, it can become a problem for you. It will also impact the reputation of the hotel.

Be flexible – When we talk about flexibility, so it can be in two ways. First one is the flexibility that is required in the working hours or working shift. The second one is the flexibility in the change of job role relevant to your job role. As these two are common in the hotel industry. This skill is must as without this survival in this industry is not possible.

Multitasking – Hotel Management Jobs are not the 9 to 5 desk job where you have to do a similar job every day. Hotel Management Career requires multitasking, as you may have to handle different tasks at one time. That is why during the hotel management training, different skills are taught to the students. So be prepared for handling multiple jobs if you have chosen hotel management as a career.

Having these skills is not just going to help you get a job in Hotel Industry, but it can also help you in achieving more success in this industry. With time the demand for these skills is increasing in the market in Hotel Management because of the tough competition. Because the reputation of top hotel industries depends on the skills and training of their employees only. The better they are in handling work efficiently, the more appreciation and compliments they earn from both customers and employees. So, develop these top-notch skills, if your dream is to be a part of the Hotel Industry.